What is Chances?

CHANCES is a fundraising and awareness event of strokes in younger and working age people. 

Following Jo’s strokes at 34, Jo missed music gigs and festivals and wanted to fundraise for charities close to her heart and when venues to put on a fundraising evening came in at high costs and nothing was quite right, Jo thought why not set up my own event and fundraiser.  So speech and language rehabilitation therapy focused on doing good and doing something with a purpose rather than just for the sake of it. The name, branding and logo was all thought of by Jo and with support from friends and family turned into a reality.  The aim is to support Stroke Charities and causes including Different Strokes Charity, and Oxford Centre for Enablement where Jo had her rehab.  As well as this Jo wants to give back to the local community so there is always a local cause to support too. 


Below are a few photos of last years CHANCES and it will be in the same tipis, just a few more added for the numbers.

For more information please find Jo’s story here